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Let's Celebrate Administrative Professional Day...

Whether you are more formal and call it "Administrative Professional Day" or just plain ole "Secretary's Day," you definately better celebrate it!  These folks are the ones who do it all and without them we would be lost.  Who do we call when we need something?  The office.  Who do we message when the computer doesn't work?  The office.  And where do we send those students who are also needing some attention?  The office.  Let's show these staff some great appreciation by celebrating their big day.  Here are 4 amazing ways to make your staff feel special.



Instead of making it one day; make it a whole week.

Have you ever wondered why teachers are appreciated all week but the office staff are only celebrated for a day?  Us too!  Time to change it up and really show you care about the staff who are holding the fort down. gave us a great idea to start your celebration week off with a bang.  Check out these cute announcements.  Grab your FREE TEMPLATE and supplies below  and click here to learn how to put it all together.

Free Template


Jumbo Paperclips


Variety Ribbons


A Special Questionnaire

Have your office staff fill out a survery of all the things they love to eat and do.  Then secretly give the information to your educational staff, students and parents to surprise these heros for all they do all year long.

A Few of my favorites.png
Celebrate your office staff (1).png

Grab the free template here



Special Treats

All of us know there are always snacks at school.  That is what keeps us all going. Am I right?  However, when it is a special day like Secretary's Day then we need to take it up a notch with treats that say you and the hard work you do mean something to all of us! Check these ideal treats out here.


Happy Administrative Professional Day

Apparel and Products

Nothing says a party without matching t-shirts, mugs and fannie packs.  Grab all these cute gifts here.

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