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School Administration Presentation

Powerpoint Presentation

Well-being Safety Assessments (WSA) is an organization that grew out of the increase in school violence seen across the United States. WSA is dedicated to preventing violence in schools and has created The Proactive Collection: a toolbox filled with safety services to assist schools and students in creating a safer school atmosphere.  The video above gives a brief overview of the WSA services available. Below, there is a direct link to a power point presentation explaining the wrap-around services provided through Well-being Safety Assessments.  To speak to an associate, please contact us at 573.451.2151.  We look forward to working with you and making your school the safest it can be.

Need Funding Ideas??

Everyone wants to have a safe school however funding is often an inhibitor to implementing great proactive improvements.  Below is a list of funding sources to help every school meet their safety goals.  If you have additional questions about funding please give WSA a call at 573.451.2151.
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Funding doesn't have to be hard.  Reaching out to local and national businesses to support School Violence Prevention is not only great for your school but also great advertisement for businesses.  Everyone wants children to be safe at school.  

Provide an opportunity for businesses to become a sponsor to help your school and others!

WSA would love to help you... your students.. and those businesses.  

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