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We are here to help

WSA is dedicated to assisting schools across the United States during the Coronavirus Situation.

Below you will find FREE school resources to provide to your staff, students and families during this crisis.  Please feel free to download and make as many copies as you need.    

WSA will also be providing a


that can be tailored to your student's  needs and can be sent out to every parent within 24 hours.  A complete detailed report identifying key issues like:

  • Do you need help with getting meals during this crisis?

  • Do you need help getting educational materials or access to the internet?

  • Are you struggling and need to talk to a school counselor?

Our students are depending on us to reach out and assist them during this challenging time.  Let's do it together.  

Well-being Safety Assessments help schools throughout the United States everyday with School Wellness Assessments and various other school safety services, but today is different.  Today, there is a crisis due to the Coronavirus.  If your school is needing assistance with reaching out to students and their families and identifying who needs immediate help with meals, educational resources or counseling, we can help.  
WSA software designers have created a School Assistance Form that can be sent out to every parent and will immediately identify the following:
  • What students are needing help with breakfast and lunch and weekend meals?
  • What students are needing help getting access to the internet or school materials?
  • What students are really struggling with this situation emotionally and need to speak with a school counselor?
  • Schools can also create their own questions.  If there is something specific you are needing to know about your students during this time of crisis, WSA can help. 
WSA wants all schools to have access to helping their students.  We have brought in many qualified Assessors to assist during this time.  WSA wants your students to get access to the help they need and will assume all costs associated with the the School Assistance form.  School Districts will only be charged the one-time processing fee.   Regardless of the number of students, there will only be one fee to ensure every school has access to this important service.
    Once the School Assistance Form goes out, your Administrator will receive the results in 24 hours giving you time to assist the kids who are depending on your helping hand.
WSA is here to help during this very difficult time.

Looking for the right resources to help your students?


School Assistance Form

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