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Stylish Gold


Blush and gold colors are not for everyone but it is definately... for us!  What do you think?  We love the way these two colors play off one another.  Whether you paint your walls a cool crisp white or a cottagy cream with a navy blue accent wall,  this stylish design will make you the envy of all your co-workers.  
The Domino magazine does a perfect job of pairing the color navy with gold accents.  The look is smart and classic.  We love the minimalistic metallic shelves with pops of pottery and just the right amount of books.  In a busy classroom or school office, awards and certificates could be displayed beautifully in this open shelving along side children's artwork, allowing students and parents to enjoy for years to come.
School can be            stylish to!

WSA Design Team Picks

Our design team at WSA continues to work with AMAZON to bring you stylish and budget friendly ways to help you create the space you work in every single day.  

Working doesn't have to be mundane, especially when you look around and love the environment you are in.  Most of us spend between 8-10 hours at work every day.  Don't you want to enjoy your office or classroom?  Don't you deserve to work in a great space?  Of course you do and WSA is here to help you make it beautiful!

All of these products coordinate with the classic look above and will help you organize your day to day lives and make you love going to work.

Click on all items to learn more about size and dimensions as well as reviews.  Any questions about the products can be directed to Well-being Safety Assessments at 573.451.2151.




Silk Peony Flowers in a beautiful glass vase

make anyone smile.  You can almost smell them they appear so real.  This elegant look will dress up any office or classroom and can typically get to you within just a couple days of ordering.  What more could you want??    

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