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Recently, WSA had a Principal contact us and tell us we need to do a Black Lives Matter Theme.  She challenged us to use our creative minds to help students from every state to stand up for what matters.  She told us not to sweep this under the rug like so many businesses do, but instead be the flagship that leads our children into a better tomorrow!  When a Principal tells us what to do, who are we to disagree.

Challenge accepted.  BLACK LIVES DO MATTER TO WSA!

Back to School Theme created.  We hope you approve and it will prove to be beneficial to every student.

As many of our school administrators know, Rebecca West,

the founder of WSA lost her husband and father to her kids in 2014 to cancer.  Chris loved children and worked for Boys and Girls Club and Boys and Girls Town assisting at-risk kids.  He would definitely appreciate the importance of the BLM cause.  Well-being Safety Assessments is dedicating this page to him and to their two beautiful kids they share together.  

Black Lives Matter 


Theme Song!

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

Our students and staff have been through a great deal this past year.  Let's start the fall semester off right with motivational and inspirational songs to make them remember what all of us gave up.  Remind them what freedom means to us and how important it is to be and stand together whether it is at school physically or virtually.  These students are our future... let's teach them to support each other.  Here are two of our favorite freedom songs!  What do you think?   
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Did you say all the posters on this page were free?
YES! We did!  It is WSA saying Thank You to each  of our wonderful schools we serve and for their true dedication this past year when times were a little tougher than normal. Download the PDF and print! 
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It isn't a party unless we are dressed-up!

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Let's Decorate!