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Educator Online Counseling

Now more than ever before teachers and principals are struggling with anxiety, fear and depression due to working in the field of education.  Talking to a mental health professional who understands the academic field can help.  

I need someone to talk to.

The effects of the pandemic has left many of us in a very vulnerable place.  Some of us feel lost, unsupported and depressed.  We can't wait for the weekend and in a blink of any eye, it is over and we are doing yet another week.

School Teacher

I'm starting to hate my job.

When I got into this field, I thought it was going to be different.  I don't feel respected by the students, my co-workers or the school administration.

Image by Taylor Flowe
Image by David Moruzzi

I'm considering leaving my job for my own well-being.

Many educators have forgotten why they went into the field of education.  They are being pulled in every direction.  They are expected to turn in detailed weekly lesson plans, attend every IEP meeting, be on bus duty and volunteer for extra-curricular activities.  The responsibilities can be overwhelming.

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