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Three Great Ways to Celebrate


Earth Day Cookies.jpg

Create an

Earth Cookie

How cute are these sweet treats?  Tammilee Tips gives us the step by step receipe to make these adorable sugar cookies.  

Celebrate with students this Earth Day by first discussing what all of us can do to help the planet we live on and then enjoy what our amazing planet can provide for us.  SUGAR.  

Nature Earth Day Project

Wow! Take a look at this amazing project.  My Bright Ideas shows us another great idea by using only our flowers and leaves from outside.  How beautiful would these student crafts be sitting on a bookshelf or a desk.  Parents are going to love this one and best of all kids get to learn about the Earth and all it provides.

Earth Day Booklet

The Owl Teacher gives us something very special with this sweet but educational Earth Day Booklet.  Help students understand Earth Day, why the earth is special, how we should and should not treat the earth, why it’s important to treat the earth right, and how they can contribute to helping the environment with this engaging, interactive science booklet.

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