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School Violence Prevention Training

A Full-Day of Violence Prevention Training with Expert Speaker and SVPT Handbook

Well-being Safety Assessments, LLC is dedicated to ending school violence across the United States.  WSA is very excited to offer our newest service which will impact students, parents, teachers and school administrators nationwide.   

Expert Student Speakers


Welcome to a new way of addressing school violence.

Our Student Speakers are the answer to promoting school safety throughout the United States.  

Our  School Violence Prevention Training begins with Expert Student Speakers who are not your typical run of the mill presenters  but instead are students who have survived school shootings/violence.  If we are going to truly stop school tragedies, it first begins by reaching out our hands to every student across our nation and letting them know we care. Our qualified speaker will bare their soul as they share their very personal story of what they experienced on that horrifying day, reminding every student this too could happen to your school if we don't unite today. 


Our professional Speakers will remind students everyone is the same.  There are no differences.  We all bleed red.  And, bullying others is NEVER okay.  Speakers will focus on moving every student toward being united and working together to make their school the safest it can possibly be.  Speakers will discuss what it means to be a Proactive School, the importance of preventative services, and how intervention referrals will keep everyone safe.

The acronym R.E.A.C.T. will be used throughout the 60-90 minute speaking engagement.



 Together, we will mold the tragedies that have occurred to so many students, teachers, and schools into a safer and better tomorrow for everyone.

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"Our speakers will share their story, reminding every student this too could happen to your school if we don't unite today."
The School Violence Prevention Training Handbook
The SVPT handbook is used during the afternoon session of the School Violence Prevention Training.  It is included with the full-day training but can also be purchased separately for a whole school district or a classroom in the links below.

R:  Report   Log onto: and report unsafe/suspicious behavior

E:  Email    Send an email to and report unsafe/suspicious behavior

A:  Act       Care enough to take the time and tell someone when you see or hear something suspicious/unsafe.

C:  Call      Call Well-being Safety Assessments at 573.451.2151 and report unsafe/suspicious behavior.

T:  Text      Send SMS Text to WSA reporting any unsafe/suspicious behavior.  

Following the presentation, the Speaker will be available to answer any questions  student's may have and handout R.E.A.C.T. reminder bracelets, t-shirts, and The School Violence Prevention Handbook.  After a lunch break, students will divide into smaller groups and complete the School Violence Prevention Booklet with the assistance of classroom teachers and educational staff members.  Speaker and a WSA staff member will be available to provide assistance through out the end of the school day.
Schools interested in scheduling School Violence Prevention Training should contact Well-being Safety Assessments, LLC at 573.451.2151.
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