Introducing the "GET TO FLOCKIN" Fundraiser

Ready to show your staff what a great job their doing and raise money for your school?

Copy of Copy of Gobble Fundraiser.png
Here's how it works...
Staff, students, parents and the community are given the
"GET TO FLOCKIN" flyer.  Flyers can be given directly to others or indirectly through a newsletter or virtual link. (Link below to the PDF, Google Slide, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Image.)
Everyone is told to honor their favorite educational staff member by recommending them on the "GET TO FLOCKIN" form.  Staff, students, parents and the community can recommend one or many educators.  What a great way to show off our school professionals and raise money for our school.
What is a flocking?
A flocking is placing a flock of cardboard turkeys around the educational professional's work area or the front yard of their home.  All turkeys come with stakes to be firmly planted in the ground.  Individuals purchase $5, $10 and $20 for the birds to hang out for 1, 2, or 3 days.  The educational professional is given a flyer explaining they were recommended due to going the extra mile during such a difficult time. They are not told who recommended them or how long the flock will stay. 
The best part is the teachers receive praise for a job well done during COVID and your school raises money!