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Below you will find a link to our FREE School Safety Checklist.  While you are here at the WSA website, you can also take a look at some key safety services that will help your students and staff stay safe this school year.  Sign up for just one service or ask for the Proactive Collection Bundle and receive an enormous discount.  It doesn't matter if you are a small school or a large school district, Well-being Safety Assessments provide professional safety services to meet everyone's needs.
  • The Wellness Program/Anonymous Reporting System
    • Most schools understand the importance of monitoring what students and staff are saying about safety however they struggle with how to process the information in a timely manner.  The WSA Anonymous Reporting system utilizes the R.E.A.C.T. acronym reminding students/staff and the community the importance of “see something say something.”  Student/Staff/Community can call, email, SMS message, and text reports to WSA 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.    Well-being Safety Assessments work closely with your on-call staff member in every school.  Once a report is taken by the WSA staff, your on-call staff member will be notified immediately if it is an emergency or emailed if it is a non-emergency.  Administrators and on-call staff members can locate every report online by simply logging into their account.  If you are searching for a means to organize your school’s safety reporting, this is it.  
  • School Wellness Assessment/Screenings
    • This is a 55-question student screening that looks at 5 specific areas (anger management, self-harm, mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse, and child abuse.)  Following this assessment, you will know instantly which students are struggling and in what areas.  WSA will even allow you to add or remove specific questions to tailor it to your school district’s needs.  WSA is the leading provider in School Wellness Assessments and will walk with you down this new school safety road assisting your district with informational letters to parents and guardians and helping your guidance counselors in obtaining the right services for your students no matter what their needs are.
  • School Intervention Plan/Wellness Classes
    • WSA provides wellness courses to students, school staff, parents and the community.  Would you like to offer a student anger management​ class or suicide prevention class?  Or, provide a teacher a means in which to handle difficult  students inside the classroom?  Our wellness courses are typically 3-6 weeks in length and given by a Master's level clinician with over 15 years of experience working with behavioral children of all ages.
  • School Violence Prevention Training
    • WSA has brought a new standard to school violence training.  Students told us they felt like snitches when they told on other kids for being unsafe.  In response, we have added school violence survivors as our lead speakers during our full-day of violence prevention training.  Our professional speakers give students the ability to see and hear what it is like when we don’t tell on others for being unsafe.  Your students will be able to relate to a younger speaker who has walked the walk as they say.  This powerful training sheds light on the importance of school safety and rallies every student to help one another because this is not “snitching” that we are asking every student to do it is saving the lives of your best-friend, favorite teacher and even yourself.  Students are later empowered to work together on their own school safety plan.  Student speakers will hand out REACT bracelets and t-shirts reminding students the importance of school safety.

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