Appreciating your staff is the key to promoting a great workplace.

School Administrators are always busy and often do not have the time or energy to know when their staff are celebrating important dates.  The difference between being a leader and being a great leader is GREAT LEADERS remember all those little things.  The Motivate-Educate program gives your staff the ability to upload their special information and then  you get quick reminders when that special date arrives.   Being a boss is a big responsibility.  It is your role to keep moral up, know what is going on with your team and encourage staff to be all they can be.   How amazing would it be to have your boss remember to say, "Happy Birthday!" or "Did you know you started working here 2 years ago today, we are so lucky to have you."  Recognizing staff is the key to promoting a great workplace and holding onto the right staff.  Be the BOSS you wish you had!

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