Being bullied is never okay but there is nothing worse than hearing about your child being tormented at school, at the playground or on the bus.  Kids can do the meanest things!  Am I right?   So as parents, what do we do?  Do we run to the teacher, talk to the Principal or knock on the bully's front door?


We do not want to make it worse on our child.  We do not want even more students to pick on them or have them be seen as the kid whose parents show up anytime there is a problem.  So,  What do we do??


The answer is:  teaching our kids how to handle "the mean kids."  That doesn't mean punching the bully (no matter how much you may want to see this) but it does mean understanding them and the reason why they are choosing your child to pick on.  Once we figure this out the rest is a piece of cake.  Why?  Because if we know why someone is doing something we can prevent it.



Help!  My child is being bullied.  What do I do?

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