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The Principal Planner
Monthly Subsciption

There is no harder job than that of a School Administrator.  They hit the floor running every morning and move all day long until they drop into their beds at night from pure exhausion. We understand how difficult the position is because we have done it.   WSA has created The Principal Planner to assist school officials in meeting those needs that often go undone or even missed due to being so busy.  This planner is not a calendar but instead a plan that will help you execute your day like a master.    The key is to work smarter; not harder and we are here to help make that happen.  Purchase the complete planner that includes it all or take just individual segments to create your own plan.  A few days before the beginning of each month receive all that you need to make your life easier!

The complete Principal Planner Monthly Subscription includes:

  • A daily  Morning Announcement Script that tells you exactly what to say every school day.  This includes interesting and educational facts, a well-being reminder to improve school safety, and a mental health tip to boost student and staff personal wellness. You can look knowledgable as you discuss your town's weather forcast (click the link on your script to know your local weather) and remember to tell students what is for lunch in the cafeteria.

  • A two-sided School Safety Newsletter which coordinates with your morning announcements.  It is colorful, well-designed and created by Well-being Safety Assessments-the School Administrator's choice for school safety.  It provides key information to remind students the importance of following classroom rules and campus protocol.  It is general enough for every school to use but if you choose to personalize it even more... you can!  It is a template that can be downloaded, printed and even sent to every student and parent email address on a monthly basis.  School safety just got easier.

  • A Mental Health Reminder Sheet for your dedicated staff.  The last few years have been tough for every school.  Student's behaviors have been challenging, educator burn-out has been increasing and overall campus moral is plumetting.  It is important to address these issues but as a principal it is difficult to do it all.  These monthly reminders will coordinate with your morning announcements as well as your newsletters and are a great way to reinforce the importance of mental health and promote the well-being of all your school staff.

  • Monthly School Safety and School Appreciation Day Posters, stickers and bookmarks.  As a school administrator we want to feel organized and be on top of everything however it can be so challenging when we are pulled in every direction throughout the year.  Wouldn't it be great to remember Bus Driver day and  Custodian day and celebrate it with a card already designed for you?  Your signature is all that is needed!   School Safety is so important and administrators want to do everything to ensure the safety of their students and staff but again it can be overwhelming to do it all.  There is no way to get it all done but WSA can help.  We have created amazing school safety posters.  We have personally designed your appreciation cards.  WSA has even created top of line stickers and bookmarks for you to hand out to every student that will remind them to acknowledge school personnel and celebrate even the small things.  What a simple budget-friendly way to raise school morale and be the leader you always wanted to be.

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The Principal Planner

The Principal Planner was designed with the school administrator in mind and has the top 4 principal wishes for an organized 2022-23 school year. 

  • A morning announcement sample script that tells you exactly what to say each and every morning.  It includes daily interesting facts, school safety reminders,  and even a mental health moment for your students and staff. 

  • A two-sided School Safety Newsletter that is already done for you.  Leave it as it is or add-in your own tips with this template. 

  • Monthly Mental Health Reminder page for all your educators.  This includes a PDF hand-out with  suggestions on how to assist teachers in making this year the very best. 

  • School Appreciation Day Posters/School Safety Posters, Bookmarks and Stickers.  Finally, a way to remember all those fun celebratory dates that frequently get missed due to being to busy during the month.  Print out your own stickers to hand-out to students as they enter the building. Everyone will wonder how do you stay on top of everything! 

A monthly subscription that comes to your in-box a few days before the month begins and allows you to be that organized principal everyone else only dreams about being.


Morning Announcement
Sample Script

Being a school administrator is hard enough without having to provide daily announcements every single day.  The complete Principal Planner Subscription includes a morning announcement script that will be sent to you a few days before the beginning of every month.  It will help you organize your thoughts, give you interesting facts to talk to students about and even assist your staff with daily mental health tips.  It makes a tedious task of announcements almost seem fun!

Purchase the complete Principal Planner which includes the top 4 wishes of all school administrators or purchase just the monthly Morning Announcement Script.  You get to decide.

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School Safety Newsletter

Every administrator is concerned about school safety and every administrator also wonders what they can do to impove security and protect their students and staff.  This two-sided colorful and well-designed newsletter helps students, parents and staff by providing them with key preventative information to promote a more proactive response to educational security.  

Receive a digital and printable newsletter a few days before the beginning of every month.  You can choose to leave it as is or tailor it to your school by adding in your school's name, mascot or a personal letter from yourself!

Purchase the complete Principal Planner which includes the top 4 wishes of all school administrators or purchase just the monthly School Safety Newsletter.  You get to decide.


Mental Health Reminders
for staff

It is no secret that our educators have been struggling the last few years.  Many schools have lost great teachers due to stress and anxiety.   This PDF informational sheet can assist you as you tackle this nation-wide crisis.  This is a template that can be used as is, changed to better encompass your school values or personalized to your school's situation.  This is a monthly subscription where you will receive one mental health reminder sheet to share with all of your staff (district-wide).  It can be printed or digitally sent through email.  What a wonderful non-intrusive way of addressing mental health concerns in every school district.

Purchase the complete Principal Planner which includes the top 4 wishes of all school administrators or purchase just the monthly Morning Mental Health Reminders.  You get to decide.

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School Safety/Appreciation Day Posters,
Stickers & Bookmarks

All school administrators want to promote school safety and celebrate school appreciation days, like honoring our School Security Officers and Social Workers.  WSA has created 8 x 10 posters for you to print off, laminate and use year after year.  They acknowledge the hardwork your staff does and identify special days that may go unmentioned.  This packet also includes cards to give to your staff for their special day and stickers to hand out to students.  The templates are already done for you.  All you will need to do is hit the print button  and never have to worry again about forgetting an appreciation day. 

Purchase the complete Principal Planner which includes the top 4 wishes of all school administrators or purchase just the digital/printable posters, stickers and bookmarks.  You get to decide.

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