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Well-being Safety Assessments is searching for a:  
Social Media/Marketing Director

Well-being Safety Assessments is an organization dedicated to preventing violence in schools across the United States.  We provide The Proactive Collection, which is many different proactive services that help elementary, middle and high schools stay safe.  Services such as School Wellness Assessments, The School Helpline and School Violence Prevention Training are just a few of things we offer.  You can learn more about all of the products and services we offer by clicking on the menu items above.  

What does a Social Media/Marketing Director do:

Independent Thinker

Not afraid of the Camera

The Social Media/Marketing Director must be an indepedent thinker.  He or she works remotely and is required to meet specific time lines.  You will not be required to clock in or out so this person needs to be responsible and a real go-getter.  WSA looks to this person to lead the organization in obtaining new customer leads and maintaining our current client base.

The WSA Social Media/Marketing Director will need to create weekly 1-2 minute videos for social media purposes.  Today's world wants to see a face with a business and so WSA wants you to be our face.  These videos will need to be professional but upbeat and enthusiastic.  Are we speaking your language?  Does this sound like you?

Understand Social Media 

WSA is searching for a person who knows and understands social media.  What attracts the customer?  What gets them interested?  What pulls them in to make the sale?  Our director needs to be creative, artistic and full of ideas!

Interested in applying?
      Send WSA your resume at: 

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