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Well-being Safety Assessments
- the leading provider of School Violence Assessments

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About WSA.


As a result of the continuous violence erupting on school campuses across the United States, Well-being Safety Assessments, LLC was founded and has focused its efforts on being the solution to this devastating problem. 

WSA is about PREVENTION and the importance of it.  If our attention is focused on assessing students before there is a problem then we can stop the tragedies.  It is that SIMPLE! 


How do we do that?      


WSA has designed a "proactive collection"  of safety tools which assist school administrators in determining what the issues are and then formulates creative and effective solutions. 

The Proactive Collection are wrap-around school safety services that HELP students.... and STOP violence,


making WSA the very best in the field.




Well-being Safety Assessments, LLC is owned and operated by Rebecca West.  Rebecca has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling with a specialization in adolescent behavioral issues and has over 20 years of experience working with children and adolescents suffering from mental health issues.   Her previous employment includes supervising the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Unit in the state of Missouri, Residential Director at Boys and Girls Town, and Site Director for Columbia Public Schools.  Rebecca has a wealth of knowledge and experience she brings to the table as she personally designs every service included within the THE PROACTIVE COLLECTION.  She understands kids and what happens behaviorally when a child is hurting and decides to act out aggressively.  Rebecca has worked with and helped thousands of children, adolescents and their families during crisis. 

A very personal experience with school violence


In addition to experience and education, Rebecca also have a very personal experience with school violence which has driven her to found Well-being Safety Assessments, LLC.   In 2016, Rebecca dropped her son off at school like any other day but this particular day was different.  On this day, she received a phone call from the school nurse in the afternoon.  She was told her then 10 year old son was fine and not to worry but there had been an "incident" at school.  The incident involved Canen, her son and another boy in his classroom.  The nurse went on to explain the other child had gotten angry with the teacher and was looking to retaliate against her.  The teacher told the child to return to his desk and when he did he took out a mechanical pencil.  Canen's desk was directly in front of this other child's desk.  As the boy walked back to his desk he became more and more angry.  He then took a metal pencil out of his desk, walked up to Canen and stabbed him in the back with it.  When  Rebecca got to the school, she was told the child was a repeat offender and had been struggling since his family moved to the area.  The child was not charged with assault.  He was not expelled.  And, he did not receive counseling.   Instead, he remained in the classroom and his recess was taken away for a week.   The wound on their son's back eventually healed however the memory did not.  Her child was definitely one of the luckier victims of school violence.  However, many children are not as lucky and they do not survive.


Rebecca believes a proactive response to school violence is the only way to prevent future tragedies.   We cannot remove every weapon in the world but we can assist the students who are struggling and have the potential to act out violently.  It is time for school administrators, teachers, parents and guardians to stand up and take a proactive response against school violence.  We can do something about it together and we owe it to our children.  With WSA, schools will now have the knowledge and the tools with which to assist children who truly need intervention.


Rebecca West with her 3 children, Bailey, Canen and Madison

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