Information on Bullying

Parents and the community are a vital part to making schools safe.  There are many things you can do.  Below, you will find educational handouts and some great ideas on how to GET INVOLVED in creating a safer school and caring for your student.  There is also a Treatment Resource Packet which includes hotline numbers and informative websites on topics such as anger management, suicide prevention, child abuse/neglect, emotional illness and substance abuse.


School Safety

School Safety and Security is more important today than it has ever been.  WSA has teamed up with schools across our nation in helping to establish a violence-free education-ZONE.   In the page below, valuable information on topics such as anger management, suicide prevention, emotional illness, child abuse/neglect and substance abuse are identified. Professional resources and their hotline numbers are provided.  Proactive School Safety Services are also included such as Wellness Classes, Our Generation Posters, TAKE THE PLEDGE contracts and School Violence Prevention Training.  Whether you are a School Administrator, teacher, parent, student or community member, we have you covered with insightful ideas on how to keep your elementary, middle and high schools free of violence.   

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What better way to focus on school safety than to have a School Safety Club!  Schools offer a variety of different types of clubs for students.  Whether you are in the National Honor Society, Adventure Education or Future Farmers of America club, you are focused and learning about specific topics.  The School Safety Club can also offer this for its participants.


The School Safety Club would be like any other club but BETTER!  It would have officers, regular meetings and a mission.


The mission would be to improve the overall safety and security of students and educational staff within the school environment.

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