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A great idea for helping students with their academic performance is getting parents involved in their child's education.  When moms and dads get engaged with their child's academics, the student's motivation, achievement and self-worth increases. 

Family engagement means an ongoing collaborative interaction between parents and the school system with the main goal of helping the student be a success!

This can be done in many ways and we are here to show you how.

Creating a refrigerator reminder magnet for parents!
Remind parents about:

Parent Engagement Meetings

Game/Art Nights

Theater/Popcorn Nights

Banquet Nights

Special Holiday Events

Mental Health Student Tips

Field Days

School Safety Reminders

Back to School Open House

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Treatment Resource Handbook

A great resource for parents who are struggling with children and teens dealing with anger, depression, drug/alcohol abuse and much more. 


September 20, 2022

National Information Technology Day

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Gift Ideas

Celebrate a
Popping good
Substitute Week!

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Don't forget to
National Substitute Appreciation Week

Sept. 5-9, 2022

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Back to School Auction Ideas 

The Easys

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Achieve Security with School Safety Solutions

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Thirty SEL videos for Elementary Students
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WSA is dedicated to the prevention of school violence.

Choose one, some or all of the School Safety Services offered by Well-being Safety Assessments.  

1. The School Wellness Assessment is a 55 question online assessment that screens students in 8 targeted areas including anger, depression, drug/alcohol abuse, and mental health. A preliminary report identifying all high-risk students is provided to the school designee within 48 hours of the screening.  

2. The School Helpline is a reporting system allowing students, staff, parents and community members to call, text, email or SMS message when there is a student related issue.  Crisis workers are available 24/7-365 days/year.

3.  School Safety Envionmental Assessment is a three point environmental review of all the schools within the district recommended by the Federal Commission on School Safety.  School Administrators will be able to see how efficient and effective their school security is through this extensive report. Federal guidelines and recommendations are provided.

4. School Service Announcements are 30 SEL videos designed for elementary students that teach the 5 core concepts of social emotional learning.

5. School Violence Prevention Training is a full day of violence prevention training for students beginning with a live 45 minute performance by the WSA performers.  An expert speaker will then take the stage to discuss the importance of taking school safety seriously and finally students will receive/review the SVPT handbook (54 pages). Many audience memebers receive t-shirts, wristbands, and stuffies to promote a violence-free school system.  

6. SEL Virtual After School Classes are available individually or with through a school subscription plan.  All classes are offered online for third grade-high school.  Classes promote self-awareness, self-worth, self-management, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. After 10 consecutive classes, students receive a certificate of completion. 

Our top 5 Gifts to give Principals for 2022

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Free Principal Gift Tags

Fun Coloring Pages

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#1.  WSA absolutely loves this vintage paper roll.  We all love a great smart board or dry erase but for offices this makes the perfect addition!  Just rip it off and hand it to the staff member or student when the discussion is done.
#2.  This Boho Principal Tee says "I'm cool" without even trying.  Great for dress down days or hanging out with friends on the weekend.
#3. These cute cards are perfect for quick feedback following a classroom visit.  It doesn't require a lot of money to let educators know you care.
#4.  This canvas tote allows Principals to stay organized while being stylish.
#5. Check out this great book by Schumaker, a seasoned school administrator and mentor.  It offers tools that can be utilized for immediate success.
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Why should I talk to my child about Ukraine?

1.  Children need help understanding and processing their feelings and emotions.
  • Even though you may want to completely avoid this topic with your child or children in your school or classroom, it is important that the subject is not swept under the rug.  More often than not, children know what is going on and don't tell others.  This means they are processing a very difficult situation alone.  It is always better to have a discussion to see exactly where they are at on topics that can be overwhelming even for an adult. 

2.  Misinformation can be really scary!
  • Many kids and students have access to the internet.  Frequently, they are bombarded with constant information of which some is not accurate.  By having a good conversation with your child or student, you can prevent misinformation and also give them the ability to ask any questions they may have. 

3.  Development of Empathy
  • By talking to children about circumstances other individuals are going through, we teach them empathy.  By taking the time to have children focus on what someone else may be feeling, we encourage the development of perspective and foster compassion toward our fellow human-beings.

Helping students with mental health challenges

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Self-esteem poster

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Get ready for St. Patrick's Day


Educational Booklet

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St. Patty's ClipArt
Need help writing an EDUCATIONAL GRANT
for School Safety Solutions?
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Use this grant to fund your
SEL Classes
Any of the
School Safety Solutions 


Applications are due in March 2022

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