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Creating excitement.

All of us want our school events to be inspiring and well-received by the audience however that is just not the case all the time.  Sometimes it requires a professional who knows the field of education and who can mold the chaos of school-life into something funny as well as meaningful. Create a memorable Back to School, Professional Development Day or End of the Year event with an experienced motivational presenter who has actually sat where your educators are at.

Adrienne Bullock

Adrienne Bullock is a seasoned educator with over 14 years of experience.  She knows what it is like to have the principal ask her to do just one more thing.  Adrienne understands students, the good, the bad and the really really mind-altering why did I go into this field student.  She brings experience to the table as she talks openly to the audience about their frustrations and feelings of being overwhelmed.  Bullock does an amazing job of inspiring teachers and reminding them why they chose the field of education.  Adrienne fills them with inspiration and humor as she walks them through everyday life and focuses on the topic at hand.  She is a professional that helps every teacher strive for positivity and optimism in a profession that continues to burnout due to the expectations placed upon them. If you are searching for a motivational speaker for your educators this year, Ms. Adrienne Bullock should be at the top of the list.


Ms. Adrienne Bullock provides Motivational Speaking on the following topics:


  • School Culture

  • Professional Development

  • Mental Health Topics

  • Burnout Prevention

  • Resilance

  • Parenting & Family

  • Leadership Development

  • Youth Development

  • Classroom Management

  • Improving Campus Culture

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