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Meet Harold!

Harold is a Sebastopol Gander (that means he is a boy).  The Sebastopol is a breed of domestic goose, descended from the European Greylag goose.  They are very rare and have curly feathers and blue eyes.  As you can see, they are also very sweet and have a quiet temperament, which makes him the perfect mascot for school safety.  The Sebastopol geese are listed as a "threatened" endangered species by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  But don't worry, Harold lives on a farm in central Missouri and he has a great deal to tell you and your students about keeping your school safe.

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Harold takes School Safety very serious!

Harold belongs to Well-being Safety Assessments' owner, Rebecca West so of course he takes school safety very serious.  He lives on a farm with all his goose friends, some chickens, rabbits, deer and 5  spoiled dogs!  He believes it is his job to keep all of them safe.  


Harold wants to know if you are signed up for The School Helpline

Harold wants every school to subscribe to The School Helpline because it allows students, educators, parents and the community to call, text, message and email when their is any school related issue.  It is a 24/7 anonymous hotline that provides great referrals to resources while providing your school administrator with important information about student's needs.

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They don't share very well

Meet Jack and Jill, a few of Harold's friends on the farm.  They are suppose to be taking turns balancing on this water bowl but as you can see..... they don't share well.  We should have them watch the WSA SEL Online Videos!

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Harold and all his friends

Harold and all his friends love hanging out in the shade.  Harold's favorite foods include romaine lettuce, watermelon and frozen peas.  

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Thankful for not being a Turkey

It is almost Thanksgiving in this picture and these geese are thankful for not being a turkey!  


The Goose Barn

All the geese live in this red barn.  As you can see, Jack and Jill are very proud of their home.

Meet Our Babies

Watch as the goslings eat their veggies.

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