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Give the Gift of Safety to Your School

WSA is the School Administrator's Choice for school safety.  We offer The Proactive Collection which is a toolbox filled with school safety solutions including the
*School Helpline
*School Violence Prevention Training
*School Campus Safety Assessment
*SEL Classes for students

*Mental Health informational brochures
* and much more.

Parents, grandparents, friends and community members can now come together to make schools safer by purchasing a gift card.  School leadership can use one gift card or bundle with other cards to purchase any of the WSA products or services. 
Together... We can stop school violence.

WSA School Safety Gift Card


This gift card can be used on any of the School Safety Products or Services offered at WSA. To learn more go to: or call 573.451.2151...

Other amount

 Your school principal will receive the gift card within a few minutes after the purchase.  It will include the message you enter to the right and can be used immediately or bundled with additional cards or school grants.

If you have any questions, please contact WSA at 573.451.2151.



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