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School Violence Prevention Training

A Full-Day of Violence Prevention Training with Student-Led Presentation, Expert Speaker and SVPT Handbook
"Mental Health is important and in today's world it has to be discussed in the school setting"

What is School Violence Prevention Training?


  • The WSA Team of SVP Students come to your school and perform three-45 minute skits to elementary, middle and/or high school aged students addressing what is SCHOOL VIOLENCE and what to do when you encounter it. This is a fun upbeat presentation that educates youth on a very difficult topic.

  • An expert speaker will share their school violence personal story to reach your students on a personal level and drive the message home on the need of school violence prevention.

  • The second part of the day is dedicated to a review of THE SCHOOL VIOLENCE PREVENTION handbook.  All students will break into small groups led by your teachers/counselors, they will receive digital copies of the SVP handbook to discuss while our SVP Team of Students visit each classroom to provide direction and motivation.

  • Your students will have the opportunity to sign a Violence Prevention Pledge and attach it to a PLEDGE WALL you create within your school.

  • Many of your students/staff will receive school violence prevention t-shirts, bracelets and stuffies, encouraging a violence prevention  atmosphere.

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The School Violence Prevention Training Handbook
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FREE FLYERS for Your Big Day!

The SVPT handbook is used during the afternoon session of the School Violence Prevention Training.  It is included with the full-day training but can also be purchased separately for a whole school district or a classroom in the links below.
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