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Mental Wellness Assessments

WSA provides Mental Wellness Assessments for children and adolescents (ages 10+) to help identify issues of anger, suicidal tendencies, mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse and much more.

Families often struggle with understanding the depth of certain mental health problems.  A mother, father, grandparent or even the child's teacher may observe certain behaviors that gives them concern but are unsure if it warrants talking to a doctor or counselor.

WSA offers an easy solution. Children and teens can now take a private and confidential online assessment at home or at school that will screen them in 8 targeted areas and be able to quickly identify issues with anger, depression, drugs and alcohol, child abuse, mental health issues and much more. 


With a simple online screening, a qualified Masters level Assessor/Counselor can assist you in understanding whether the behavior of the child is "just a phase" they will get through or if treatment resources need to be sought.

If resources are needed, the WSA Assessor/Counselor will provide the family and/or school official with a free family resource packet which includes specific treatment services in each specified high-risk area. The packet contains local, state and national information. Families can also utilize online counseling services with WSA by clicking here.

Mental Wellness Assessment/Report




Call WSA today to schedule your child's Mental Wellness Assessment



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Schedule a Counseling Session

Schedule a free consultation to speak with Rebecca West, WSA Assessor/Counselor below.  She will walk you through the screening process for your child and answer any questions you may have prior to and after your child completes the assessment process. 

Once the assessment is complete, Rebecca will meet with you and discuss the results of the screening process and provide treatment options if necessary.  

Once the Assessment is done:

Rebecca West is a Masters level counselor who has been working in the field for over 20 years and is also available for individual counseling sessions for children, adolescents and adults. 

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