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The Proactive Collection

  • School Wellness Assessments
  • School Helpline/Reporting System
  • School Safety Environmental Assessment
  • School Violence Prevention Training
  • Social Emotional Learning Videos
  • School Safety Newsletters
  • Mental Health Reminders for Staff
  • Morning Script Announcements

Although WSA typically responds within 1-2 hours on every quote given, please allow at least 24 hours prior to contacting the office. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Well-being Safety Assessments Quote
Thank you for being interested in school safety.  Now more than ever before, we see students and staff struggling with mental health issues.  Well-being Safety Assessments is owned and directed by a previous school principal/counselor and believes whole-heartedly that together we can create safer schools.  It does not matter whether you are a very large school district with thousands of students or a small private facility with minimal participants, WSA will accommodate and work with every school's needs and budget. It is time to become a PROACTIVE SCHOOL to ensure the security of every student and staff member.

Please complete the form below for your school's individual quote or to learn more about a particular school safety services.  We also encourage you to JOIN the Proactive Schools free membership above for great information on how to keep your students and staff safe in 2022-23 SY.
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