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Together we can end school violence

What are school wellness assessments and why does my child need to take one?
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Ask any parent what the most important thing in their life is and they will tell you their children.

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School Wellness Screenings help identify kids who have issues with anger, suicidal thoughts, emotional instability, drug/alcohol abuse and much much more.  Students will be given a short online questionnaire asking key questions about how they view themselves, other students and their school environment.  

The answers to your child's screening are considered highly sensitive and are not available to the general public.  Parents of students who answer affirmatively to high-risk questions will be notified by letter and a meeting will be set up by school officials to provide resource information to further assess your child and offer treatment services if needed.

Your child's emotional wellness is very important as well as the rest of the students at their school.  Identifying and addressing high-risk issues are key to solving not only the school violence problem that continues to be seen throughout the United States but also help children who are struggling with depression, drug abuse and emotionally instability.  Even though your child may not have these issues, he or she may know pertinent information about a child who does.  Completing an assessment will provide your student with the opportunity to notify the school in an anonymous way.

Well-being Safety Assessments does not provide intervention services nor does it insist its recommendations for services are followed.  A local and national provider resource list will be provided to school officials.  WSA only provides the screening to assist students in getting the assistance they need.  


By determining what children are at risk, we can help all kids have a successful future and put an end to school tragedies.  

Together we can stop violence in every school.

Take a School Wellness Assessment...

WSA understands if you are still feeling a little uneasy about your child taking a wellness assessment.  This new screening is just that a new screening and the unknown can make anyone anxious.  To help eliminate this anxiety and demonstrate how much WSA is dedicated to children and the prevention of school related tragedies, we have included an actual assessment for you to view.  Below, you will find a direct link to the actual screening or a similar one your child will be taking.  Your answers will not be recorded but will give you a chance to view the questions your child will be answering.  If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact WSA or your student's school administrator.
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