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Elementary SEL Videos

Social-Emotional videos are a great way to introduce key concepts such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.  Ms. Adrienne Bullock, a teacher with over 14 years of experience does an amazing job at communicating these important issues to younger students.  She tells captavating stories most children can and often do relate to in their own lives.  SEL videos can be shown in the morning before class begins, after lunch or even in the counselor's office following a disturbance.  Seeing SEL videos will help students prepare for challenging situations and can be shown over and over to remind children what to do when confronted with difficult choices. Having classroom management issues?  Pop in a video on the topic that needs to be discussed and assign the SEL activity that helps your students connect the dots to a better tomorrow.


Adrienne Bullock is a teacher, motivational speaker, and facilitator whose mission is to build confidence and show students the greatness within.

Meet Adrienne Bullock

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Ms. Bullock will meet with a class of students or a whole gymnasium.  Students love to have the opportunity to talk and ask questions about things they've learned in her videos!  During the 30 minute Zoom call, she will do an additional SEL discussion and activity.  To schedule your class or school click the link below.

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