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Cultural awareness

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Download the free posters above to begin your School's Cultural Awareness Week...

FREE Cultural Awareness Curriculum

Are you seeing hate speech, gang violence and specified cliques form within your school premises?   


As human beings, we are a collection of our experiences.  If we are only shown dislike or distrust for other cultures or for those different than ourselves, it is very likely we will continue to support this belief system in the future.  However, if we are shown the value of other cultures and the importance of acceptance, chances are we will begin to acquaint ourselves with not only how different others are from us but also begin to understand the reason behind why they view and behave life differently than ourselves.  We will also begin to acknowledge that the differences are not so vast and if we walked a mile in another's shoes we too would act and see the world in a new light. 


Acceptance of others is the central idea with this curriculum and teaching children who represent the "future of our world"  and one person's bad behavior does not define an entire cultural presence.  Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness are the keys to a better tomorrow.

Well-being Safety Assessments has teamed up with Global Lives and presents to you a phenomenal and FREE Cultural Awareness Curriculum.  

This Curriculum will provide 6-12 grade students the opportunity to learn about other cultures.  They will have the ability to read about the facts, watch interesting videos, do educational activities and form their own opinions about people who differ from themselves.  

The Cultural Awareness Curriculum is aligned with Common Core Standards for Language Arts, History, Social Studies and Science.  

Together we can and are making schools safer!

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Make it a Cultural Awareness Week

schedule the WSA Student Performers!

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Bring excitement to your school while teaching your students about cultural awareness.  Reducing school violence has never been so easy as students watch their peers perform an educational skit demonstrating the importance of valuing others and seeing our differences not as a weakness, but as a STRENGTH! 

  • 2- 45 minute educational skits on cultural diversity and the importance of accepting everyone. 

  • Most audience members will receive t-shirts, rubber bracelets and/or stuffies supporting acceptance of others.

  • Performers will do a meet and greet before and after performances. 

  • Stop School Violence by offering PROACTIVE QUALITY SERVICES

*Tailored for elementary, middle and high school aged children

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