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1.  What is a School Wellness Assessment?

The School Wellness Assessment is a 55 multiple-choice question (online) screening created and designed by a professional counselor and given to elementary, middle and high school aged students.  The assessment looks at 7 specific areas including  Anger/violence, Suicide/Depression, Child abuse/neglect, Emotional well-being, and Drug/alcohol use.  WSA provides assessment procedures to educational staff members who oversee the online screening.  Students follow normal test taking procedures to include a private space to write and disclose information.  Once all students have completed the assessment, WSA master's level assessor will analyze the data and provide a written report detailing the 7 focused areas and students who qualify as being in one, some or all of the high-risk groups.   This tool is invaluable to school counselors and administrators who are wanting to foster a proactive environment assisting students prior to problems erupting.  This is a confidential assessment and reports are provided only to the designated school official.  WSA takes confidentiality very seriously.  School and student information will not be disclosed.  To view a sample of the assessment or a sample of the assessment report, please refer to the toolbar at the top of the screen or go to our parent information page.  Any further questions can be given to WSA at 573.451.2151 or  

2.  What is the School Reporting System?

Due to the amount of school violence increasing yearly, all schools are being asked to utilize a system to report suspicious or unsafe activity on their campuses.  The School Reporting System is the WSA Anonymous Reporting System allowing students, parents, educational staff and the community to call, text or message 24 hours per day/7 days per week.  The WSA system is unique in that it takes wellness calls in addition to safety/security calls.  If a student is suicidal or having emotional issues, the WSA crisis worker will speak with the reporter at length gathering the necessary information in which to forward to the school.  All reports are entered into a system where administrators have easy access to track and analyze.  Emergency reports will trigger a call to EMS authorities.  The School Reporting System is part of the WRAP-AROUND safety tools in THE PROACTIVE COLLECTION.

3.  What does the School Violence Prevention Training consist of?

WSA offers a progressive School Violence Prevention Training.  It is a full-day of training with AM and PM sessions.  The AM session consists of an expert speaker providing a 60-90 minute presentation as well as a student-led SKIT presentation.  The speaker is a student survivor of school violence and will provide an engagement with students that is like no other.  The speaker will share their personal journey of school violence and be available to answer any questions students may have.  It is a positive uplifting training that engages students with R.E.A.C.T., an acronym standing for the importance of reacting to school violence by reporting when they see or hear anything unsafe/suspicious.  Students are given R.E.A.C.T. bracelets and t-shirts during a rally encouraging students to STAND-UP against bullying.  The PM session requires students to break into smaller groups and complete a School Violence Prevention Handbook.  The 54-page booklet empowers students to looks at ways they can personally help their school become safer.  A pre and post test is given to students to demonstrate knowledge base and progression.  The WSA expert speaker and staff will be available through out the day to support and assist student training.     

4.  Is the School Violence Prevention Training offered in all the states?

WSA offers School Violence Prevention Training in every state except for Hawaii and Alaska.  WSA is working on providing training videos in the future to be able to assist these states also.

5.  Why does WSA recommend students take the School Wellness Assessment several times per year?

The assessment can be given up to 4 times per school year.  Assessments are only as good as their data and as student's lives change so does the data.   This is the reason to update the assessment data regularly.  It is also important to update data due to new students  transferring into a school as well as familial situations changing creating difficult challenges for students to handle.  The more often an assessment is given the better the opportunity of obtaining the information that can prevent a school tragedy.  

6.  Who is going to see this assessment?

6.  Who is going to see this assessment?

WSA understands the importance of confidentiality.  We want children, adolescents, and school staff members to feel comfortable in communicating what is necessary to ensure their school's safety.  They should not fear their statements will be used against them or that it will be told to others.  Because of this, we speak only to the school administrator and provide an assessment report to this individual only.  WSA wants students and staff to be confident their information will be protected to the best of our ability.  WSA does not provide the school administrator copies of individual assessments but instead generates a report that highlights the overall concerns in regards to specific "high risk" individuals.    

7.  I am a parent and do not get to take the assessment but have information I want to give to the assessor.  What should I do?

WSA values everyone's information to ensure school safety.  If you have additional information you want to report please contact WSA at the number provided above.

8.  I am a concerned parent and worry about my child's school safety.  How do I get an assessment for our school?

Some schools are not aware of Well-being Safety Assessments, LLC.  If you are interested in having your child's school obtain a School Wellness Assessment or another Proactive Collection service offered through WSA, please give your Superintendent or Principal a call and tell them about WSA or send us an email and we will contact your school for you.  

9.  I would like for my school to use some of the safety tools offered through WSA.  Is there something I can show the Principal, Superintendent or Board of Education to get them excited about school safety?

You can download a copy of all the services offered through Well-being Safety Assessments here.

10.  Can I order the School Violence Prevention Handbook only?

The School Violence Prevention Handbook can be used with the WSA School Violence Prevention Training or used separately.  To purchase separately follow this link.

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