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Increasing Parent Involvement

Out of ideas to get parents involved at school?  Look no further.  WSA has come up with great solutions to get your parents and students engaged in learning.

Family Picnic

Do we really want to get parents involved?

Getting parents involved in school does not have to be hard and it also doesn't have to be something we dread.  Yes, we know parents can sometimes be difficult and have their own ideas on how to run things but really that is a good thing.

Schools have many intricate running parts and to keep all the parts moving smoothly takes a great deal of people.  And, some of those leaders could be parents.

Many parents are busy but there are also a lot of mothers and fathers that would love to volunteer or even participate in activities held after work.

There are many benefits to getting moms, dads, and even grandparents involved in school.  

1.  Students love to see their parents at school and this interaction will lead to improved parent-teacher-child relationships.

2. Parents who partcipate in their child's education will have a positive influence on their child's grades.

3. Schools need help.  There are so many activities that schools are overseeing.  Wouldn't it be nice to have FREE help?  

4. Check out all the great Parent Engagement Ideas by downloading our FREE Flyer.

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Family in Nature
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