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Well-being Safety Assessments is dedicated to preventing violence in schools across the United States.  It is the School Administrator's Choice for school safety services and prides itself on providing the very best student screenings.  The School Wellness Assessment is a 55 question online screening designed by a professional counselor to look at 8 targeted areas including anger/violence, depression/suicide and child abuse/neglect.  The Free-trial version allows students to take the original 55 question online screening and provides School Administrators with a condensed version of the School Wellness Report.  The report will only identify students in 3 targeted areas:  Anger, Depression and Child Abuse.  Like with the original assessment, the Assessor will work with School Counselors on ensuring students and parents receive the Treatment Resource Handbook with local, state and federal resources.  The trial version of the School Wellness Assessment is available to school districts who have not previously purchased the School Wellness Assessment and is only available one time to allow every school the opportunity for this screening.   

A Free-Trial School Wellness Assessment

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