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Yearly Subscription Mental Health Reminders

Receive a Mental Health Reminder packet every month.  Great to keep for yourself or digitally send to your staff or print off and place in their mailboxes.  Your first packet will come to your inbox within 24 hours.  Reminders will assist in the enhancement of overall staff morale and improve the working environment.  It is time to focus on mental health and this is a budget-friendly way to make it happen.  (Typically the mental health reminder packet is at least 15+ pages in length every month.) Cancel subscription at anytime.

Yearly Subscription Mental Health Reminders

Price Options
Mental Health Remind
Monthly Mental Health Reminder Subscription
$59.88every year until canceled
  • CANVA software is used in the production of monthly mental health reminders however there is no additional purchase necessary for the use of CANVA.  

  • If you are not pleased with this product, you may cancel your subscription at any time. 

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