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Ready to help your school district in a real way this school year?

 Sponsor School Violence Prevention Training 

The School Violence Prevention Handbook breaks down vital subject matter into easy digestible pieces for every student to understand.  Following each chapter is a worksheet titled, “Let’s think about it,” which allows the student to look into their own personal life and school experiences and identify solutions to everyday problems instead of using violence.  Students will be able to identify different types of school violence and learn why it is necessary to report problems early on instead of waiting or ignoring the issue.  The signs and symptoms of suicide and bullying are discussed and the link between them is revealed.   Although it is not required, all students will be given the opportunity to sign a pledge, agreeing to stand-up and unite with others against school violence.  Students will be able to take a deeper look at themselves with a self-reflection inventory.  They will answer yes/no questions in key areas to identify specific issues they may need to seek support with in the future.  And finally, the handbook will address environmental safety focusing on the role of School Resource Officers, classroom safety procedures, and parent involvement in school safety.  A Pre and Post test is provided within the handbook to assess student’s progress with the material.  

Give the gift of safety this year to your child 's school.  

School Violence Prevention Training Handbook for every student to review to support a proactive defense to school related violence.

A gift card will be sent to the school of your choice (with your name or anonymous) with a digital copy of the SVPT handbook for every student in the district.  


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