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The following training handouts and videos are ideal for educating students, staff and the community on what to do during a crisis on school grounds.  These handouts and videos were not created by WSA and they are not the property of Well-being Safety Assessments, LLC but have caught our attention and approval for being well done and offering great proactive tips on how to keep everyone safe. Thank you to the schools, police departments, training agencies, businesses, ALICE training and The Department of Homeland Security for  creating this invaluable information for public viewing.  We are appreciative for your experience and education in the field.

Together we can stop violence in Schools Across the United States. 

Handouts and Training Videos

Northwestern University-Run, Hide, Fight
Orono High School-Run, Hide, Fight
Hayward Police Department-Run, Hide, Fight
Silver Creek High School-Run, Hide, Defend
Oakhill Local School District-Alice Training
San Diego Community College District-ALICE
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