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The Leading Provider of School Wellness Assessments & School Safety Solutions.

Why WSA?
Well-being Safety Assessments provides wrap-around school safety solutions to assist your school in becoming a PROACTIVE LEADER for today's educational world.

The Subscriptions

Monthly Morning Announcement Script

Make your morning announcements easy with this complete monthly subscription.Receive a School Announcment Script which includes interesting facts, school safety information, mental health tips and much more.  Every month receive the information to your dashboard to make morning announcements almost fun!  Over 20  pages!!  You will receive your first Morning Script Announcement within 24 hours.  All future monthly scripts will be sent via email a few days before the month begins.  If you didn't receive your script send us a message at:

Mental Health Reminders

Receive a Mental Health Reminder packet every month.  Great to keep for yourself or digitally send to your staff or print off and place in their mailboxes.  Your first packet will come to your inbox within 24 hours.  Reminders will assist in the enhancement of overall staff morale and improve the working environment.  It is time to focus on mental health and this is a budget-friendly way to make it happen.  (Typically the mental health reminder packet is at least 15+ pages in length every month.) Cancel subscription at anytime.

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Counselor Brochure Subscription

Receive 3 digital/printable brochures for students and parents every month.  These brochures are typically 6 beautifully layed out pages that are easily read by middle and high school aged students.  Brochures are created by professional counselors specializing in children issues and can be duplicated for district use only.  Topics are relevant to today's children including information on diversity, vaping and eating disorders. 

Monthly School Newsletter

Searching for a budget-friendly way to improve mental health, school safety and campus culture at your facility? WSA counselors have created a bright and colorful School Newsletter (editable) that addresses monthly topics. This monthly subscription will grab the reader's eye. It is perfect for all ages as well as parents. It can be sent digitally or printed off and handed out. Receive a digital/editable school newsletter in your inbox every month to give to students, parents and staff.  Leave the information as is or use the template to personalize it for your school.  Receive a CANVA newsletter and template link within 24 hours for this month's newsletter.  All newsletters are 15+ pages.  Save time and use a budget-friendly approach to professionalism.

WSA provides wrap-around School Safety Solutions
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School Safety Gift Cards

Purchase school safety gift cards for the elementary, middle or high school in your community.  The gift card will be directly sent to the school principal  and can be used entirely on any of the WSA School Safety Solutions.  Finally, a way to work together to prevent violence in our schools.

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Need help writing your school safety grant proposal? 

We're here to help with all your statistics and the how-to.

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WSA provides a toolbox filled with school safety services


Well-being Safety Assessments

A leader in school safety intervention

Bulletin Board
plus activities!

May 2024
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The School Violence Prevention Handbook

(Licensed for school districts use)

  • Use with the WSA School Violence Training

  • Use seperately with students and staff to promote a safe and secure school 


Classroom use/Individual use only


School District use (license to duplicate)


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The Proactive Collection
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